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About GOT

Girls On Top crew was formed in 2000 by Chock and Ned from Manchester UK.  There were not many girls painting graffiti at the time and we wanted to encourage other girls to paint aswell as we have so much fun doing it.  

Mira, Numi and Akme were the next recruits.

 In 2007 we held the first all female GOT jam in Stockwell, South London, with Akit, Peach, Claudia Sabe, Luna, Lyns, Ethel, Mad C, Solveig, Mira, Akme, Clear, Chock & Evea. This was followed by the first all female graffiti exhibition in the UK at the Frisson Gallery in Canterbury  Jan 2008.

GOT then traveled to Berlin and Venice to paint at jams in the summer of 2008 along with various walls in other cities.Pixie and Zors joined in 2010 after another all female jam in Manchester featuring Chock, Zors, Pixie, Faunagraphic, Minx and Muka. 

We held the cosmic jam at Stockwell HOF in March 2011 featuring around 30 female writers that day including Motel7, Muka, Miss C, Elmo, Zors, Stedhead,  Fedup, Akit, Icb, Lewse,Motor and Neo Nita. 

Today we 10 are strong and most od us are employd in the arts. The current line up is: Chock, Luna, Lyns, Syrup, Pixie, NeoNita, Bubs, Candie, Reznik and She


Girls On Top crew jams are intended to unite the girls in graffiti. We like to have fun and meet new people so get in touch and lets paint sometime!

We regularly feature in gallery shows, so if you like our style please getin touch, we'd love to come and show in your area.

We  run graffiti workshops and paint to commission. Please get in touch via our contact sheet if you have any projects to discuss or you can email us at