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All City Queens coming real soon

Mon, 08/10/2015 - 15:44
 Featuring : Utah, Mickey, Miss 17, Claw, Queen Andrea, Klor 123, Musa, Angel, Jerk, Sany, Motel 7, Lady Pink, FewnFar ( including Meme, Merlot, Dime, TooFly and Kazilla)TNT ( including Throne, Ruby, Oner, CBloxx and Aylo), Stick Up Girlz( including Sinae, Fluro, Spice, Diva, Sax, Oche, Shiro and La Eire Gata). Ivey and Dsent, Chulas Clan, Female Soul ( including Kif, Fiber, Kiddo, Sax). TSoup, LA Kyd, Kween 897, Akit, Girls On Top ( including Chock, Poise, Sear, Lyns, Pixie, Bubs, She, Candie, Rez, Neo and Syrup), Miss Veneno,Minaw collective, Ms Shyne, Kwim, Moa, Mali, Hipie, Vickie, Kat, Lady K, Lady Kisa, SGX, Chil, Pamta, Mymo, Zaire, Bjae, Traumas, Chixa, GLV, Zurik, Yu Baba, Ferkl, Asem and a few others

All City Queens Book

Fri, 07/17/2015 - 21:24
Our girl Syrup's book she has been working on for the last 1.5 years with Chris Moore
[designer] drops in December. This book documents female writers and crews from around the world featuring exclusive pictures from:

Utah, Miss 17, Claw, Klor 123, Musa, Angel, Queen Andrea, Jerk, Sany, Motel 7, Lady Pink, Mickey, FewnFar [including Meme, Merlot, Dime, Toofly, Kazilla], TNT ( including Throne, Ruby, Oner, CBloxx and Aylo), Stick Up Girlz( including Sinae, Fluro, Spice, Sax, Oche, Shiro and La Eire Gata). Ivey and Dsent, Chulas Clan, Female Soul ( including Kif, Fiber, Kiddo, Sax). TSoup, LA Kyd, Kween 897, Girls On Top ( including Chock, Poise, Sear, Lyns, Pixie, Bubs, She, Candie, Rez, Neo and Syrup), Miss Veneno,Minaw collective, Ms Shyne, Kwim, Moa, Mali, Hipie, Vickie, Kat, Lady K, Lady Kisa, SGX, Chil, Pamta, Mymo, Zaire, GLV, Bjae, Traumas, Yu-Baba and Zurik.

For updates follow them on and also on their instagram page. Peace


GOT Melbourne (Poise and Sear)

Sun, 02/15/2015 - 05:34
Ok so we are really slack at updating our blog, but we are busy ladies! At the end of last year Aussie legends Poise and Sear agreed to join the crew, and we are stoked to have them, here's some paintings by them, enjoy :)

Sear is up first...

Sear and Poise together ...

Ladie Poise... 


Thu, 10/30/2014 - 16:15

GOT Colours show in Newcastle 2013

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 19:37
We had a show last year based on Colours. We picked red, green, yellow, blue and purple and all made a piece of work in these colour schemes. here's some photos from the show that was at the Tower Gallery in Newcastle last November. Thanks to GMC for the support and jokes.

Syrup Graffiti

Tue, 06/17/2014 - 23:13

All City Queens book coming soon

Sun, 05/25/2014 - 19:22
'All City Queens' is a new female graffiti book coming out next year which is a collaborative piece of work by Syrup from Girls On Top and Cause For Concern and the photographer Nicholas Ganz; author of 'Graffiti Women'. If you would like to be featured in this new book please get in touch with Syrup. You can message her on her or email, or contact her via the new All City Queens facebook page which has just been set up. This book features trains, freights, bombing, full colour productions and outlines. Some of the photo's already sent are heavy! Please remember All City Queens can not feature any images previously shown on the internet. Thanks

We made a new Guinness World Record

Tue, 03/18/2014 - 15:03

We helped make a new Guinness World Record !!! Sat 8th March at Leake Street in Waterloo.

We broke the record for largest mural by a team and smashed it painting 1800sqm in 6 hours!
BOOM... so proud of everyone involved. More flicks and thoughts about the day coming up soooon!! 

Femme Fierce!!

Wed, 02/26/2014 - 23:01

We are getting hyped for the Femme Fierce show which kicks off next week!We will be showing alongside a group of fresh female street artists at the Cre-8 Gallery in Hackney Wickfrom 6pm on Fri 7th March (to 14th March )more info here >>

The Sat. 8th March will be the all girl take over of Leake Street, to raise money for breast cancer awareness and celebrate international womens day. To check it out or for more info about painting spots follow these links ...

Flicks to follow, hope to see you down there :)

Colours @ Tower Art Gallery- Newcastle

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 12:54
New show starting on the 1st Nov and running for the whole month featuring Chock, Pixie, Luna, Lyns, Bubs, Neo Nita, Candie and Reznik painting on 5 different colour schemes.

Check out the gallery you there :)

"Girls On Tour" - our N.Y.C trip

Mon, 06/24/2013 - 22:38

G.O.T  do  N.Y.C   May 2013It's not often that you get the opportunity to visit the city where so many of your idols come from- the city of lights and trains and hip-hop and yellow taxis.. yeh you guessed it- N.Y.C.. SO when our crew was invited to do a show there, we got our heads together and made a body of art work, and at the end of May, Chock and I filled our suitcases with it and flew out there to get busy!

Once we got there and discovered all our work was safe we did some exploring of the city. heres some of what we saw: 
some confusing street signs

some creepy furry people

sky scrapers, parks and yellow taxis
shoe shiners
really large yellow school buses
busking skills! his sign reads "tell me off for $1"

some ancient manuscripts
dog walking (grouped into sizes)
dog crew hold tight
entrances to the manhatten sewers. turtle power

We also saw lots of trains and nice vandalism around the city.. not as covered  in paint as it used to be but the scene is still going strong!


After sight seeing we went to meet with some of Chocks friends- 80's writers PythonBAD and Nef, and a late night blackbook sesh/ jaeger bomb drinking began...

We had such a funny night, but most of all we got to know bout the history and you showed us some really inspiring blackbooks. Thanks guys :)

next day, and next stop was 5 pointz....

The G-Whizz Boom Box :)

Shiro , Meres & Demer Toofly

"morning breath"

Lost Boyz dolphins rape people sticker. ( is that true?!)

psychonaughts my new favourite pooch :)

slone workin on our subway maps

more blackbooks Slones blackbook
progress shot of our wall

next day we went back to the wall and there were lots of old 70's and 80's N.Y.C writers there. We loved hanging out with these guys, the true spirit and soul of graffiti writing :)

painting the final touches 

us with Loizos
Bx/ Zoo Bx/ Zoo
Chok gettin down Pixie
L-R : Back: Zerk, Awez, Pixie, Chok, Checker 170, Bot 707, Slave, Gore Front: Snooze, Lauren, So 5, ARC, Bx/Zoo

Checker 170

Dash one DBx/Zoo, Checker, Snooze
Andres (does anyone else think he looks like LEE??)
Look at his hooves!
Slave, Kit 17, Dash one
dope jacket. prob worth a fortune now mate, hold on to that one! ;)
Checker 170, Kit 17, Andres, Dash one, Slave, Chok, Pixie, Zoo 

The View of 5 Pointz from the Subway train
We had a ball at 5 pointz, big ups to all the writers we met. Also if u don't already know about 5 pointz, it's "an outdoor art exhibit space in Long Island New York, considered to be the world’s premiere “graffiti Mecca,” where artists from around the globe paint colorful pieces on the walls of a 200,000-square-foot (19,000 m2) factory building." Its worth checking out their facbook page, and maybe getting involved in trying to help save it- its under threat of demolition :(

And if you ever go there, ask for our main man G-Whizz. you won't be disappointed! :)

Next day we were happy to be invited along to to an all girl graff jam at Hunts Point in the Bronx, organised by Jess Pabon, and the awesome Erotica67 who owns the wall with her man Ton, T.P.A crew. We got to meet Abby, who was in the book "Spraycan Art", Ms163, Queen Andrea and Neks. The theme was "My Thuggy Pony" which was fun to paint, but it was raining hard! We were all rockin these sexy rain macs...... and wow did it rain.......

Abbey, Andrea, Chock, RAIN.
Pixie finished

Some other graff at the spot- "Indie"
Cope 2


Abby finished

Jess (true soldier) "my sneaks are saturated"
When we had dried off the next day we headed over to check out Tuff City Graf supplies in the Bronx, where we painted the train there with MRS :) Yo to Python who joined us for the day and painted a Kenji piece. Sick place to paint and see some tats/ artwork indoors too..

Chock, MRS, Pixie Chock burning Finished, Tuff City Supplies, Bronx. Chock, MRS and Pixie
They've even got some of tracks in there for practise ;)

Airbrush work
Airbrushed work

Kenji (PythonBAD)
Next day, we started our new found job at "Park West Cafe" at Central Park. The people there are really cool and fed us breakfast lunch and dinner every day in exchange for our art work being painted on their wall at Central Park! Shows that sometimes you dont need money to survive- just sharing your skills will do. The world needs more people like the people we met there, big ups Park West Cafe :)

Central Park views

Then we went to Manhatten for the opening of our Girls On Top show at Bob Bar, Lower East side ... we were overwhelmed by everyones support. Even our girl Claw turned up and there was a surprise visit from Ivory. We had Duster, Erotica, MRS, Poem, Snooze, Python, Nef, Slone, Andrea, Zoo, Enough, Slave, and many more. Thanks to everyone who came, and made us smile. Meant a lot to us :)

Chock , Jess, Claw, Pixie Also big ups Luna, Syrup and Lyns, people loved your work and it was a shame you couldn't be there too.

Blackbook Entries.


Lady Pink, Claw, 17
Syrup, Chock, G.O.T 

Pixie, G.O.T 

Chock , Syrup, G.O.T 
Chock, Lyns, Syrup, Pixie, G.O.T 
party heads raaaarrggh! lets get messy!

Slone, Ivory, Pixie, Mrs Duster :) Erotica67The guys were rockin our T-Shirts!

my subway maps from the trip

Lyns G.O.T
Lyns G.O.T

"Da Cru" by Lyns G.O.T

Chock GOT

Chock GOTSlone W.O.T.S

Hungover the next day we headed to Slones place, where we tagged up his train he has made and saw a lot of his beautiful art work. This guy knows how to paint and what it means to be a graff artist, mad technique and pride in his work. So inspired by him, and happy we are in W.O.T.S fam !
Some of Slones art work
A train made by Slone W.O.T.S
Train artwork by Slone where he put a cheeky Pixie and Chok on the front, boom!

Next day, we finished the artwork in the cafe. Thanks to Park West Cafe and Deli for all our free munch and cups of tea and chocolate haha
Finished New York skyline for one wall Finished John Lennon memorial Central Park inspired mural think they thought we deserved our free food :)

last mission of our trip (boo hoo) was visiting the John Lennon memorial being all hippy and stuff ;) deffo felt some good vibes there to take back to the U.K.

Strawberry Fields
This dude is a legend, anyone going to Strawberry Fields be sure to have a listen to him play. He even played to us in the rain <3 One love <3

Then it was time to leave :'( 

Looking back we had such a blast, it was a big eye opener for us both, and gave us loads of ideas for the future and how we want to grow as a crew. Travelling is always great for new inspiration, and this trip deffo hit the spot and filled our heads up with graff! Thanks to everyone we met, and also love to the rest of the crew who couldn't be there.

Big ups :) Pixie :P

Syrup Girls On Top

Thu, 04/18/2013 - 20:52


Tue, 03/26/2013 - 00:47
A load of us hit Leake St tunnel at the weekend for the rearranged Burners jam, it was freezing and snowing outside but we had the fumes and tunes :)
Shouts to all who painted and especially out of towners who had hard journeys, roll call on the day was Bubs, Ukey, Reznik, Pixie, FedUp, Punish, Chock, Chil, Miss C and ICB, thanks to all who showed their faces and support too; Slam, Care , Chum, Parlee, Eska and the boys.

LadieKillers #6- SydneY!!

Mon, 03/11/2013 - 20:25
I recently had the privilege of attending the sixth LadieKillerz event, this one held in Sydney NSW. AsI was travelling around the country they had even set the date so I could attend, whata bunch of top Ladiez :)
Check out their blog here>>> and some of my flicks of the event below. Enjoy :) -Chock.

26 Burners-GOT jam 2013

Thu, 02/14/2013 - 10:40
Look out for the next GOT jam which is being hosted by Syrup's shop in Northampton "26th Chamber"!/TWENTYSIXTHCHAMBER/photos_stream

The word is "Burners" and up to 26 girls will be painting on the day 23rd March 2013. All places are taken now so we can't add you in this time but if you are interested in future jams please get in touch via our facebook page!/GirlsOnTopCrew
or by email:

Chock x Melbourne 2013

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 10:10
Loving the painting situation in Melbourne, here's the walls I painted whilst out there, hope you enjoy em :)

                                Painted at the Safehouse Project

                                Dorchester Walls with Jack Douglas


                                Australia Day in Spotswood with the Ladykillers

                                Brunswick \station with Sabz

                                Fitzroy with Jakc Douglas

                                Freestyle scrap killa in Clifton Hill, thanks to the Safehouse boys

Also party big ups to all the people I met out there and paint with; Joske, Sear, Ivee, Rach, Sabz, Porn, Ethic, Jack Douglas, Mysterious Al, Fluro, Mollie, Tim & Bonnie, Skye & Rick

Happy Christmas all of youz :)

Tue, 12/18/2012 - 19:22

Up coming events...

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 10:35
Kicking off the Christmas fun times we have the opening of our girl Punish's shop in Northampton, tomorrow!!
26th Chamber 26 St Michaels RdNorthampton

Shucks from Zulu Nation will be playing live alongside artwork from Ebzke, Chock, Siren, 2kil, Lyns, Ekon, Cyris, Tizer, Shucks Punish and Gfunk. There'll be tshirts from 210 presents, £3 graff zines, beers under the counter and a few  other people playing out. Come along. They're open all day till 8pm. 
Also coming up on the 21st Dec we have a jolly old End of the World party or Awakening As One whatever you choose to believe :)Chock will be painting live at this Lyrically Challenged event at Passing Clouds from 8pm. Check the flyer for more info. 

and here is the facebook group..
Busy Chock is also painting at the LadyKillers jam in Sydney Jan13th/14th so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for photos :)

After party at the Projects