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Chock founded GOT and has been a graffiti writer since the mid 90's. 

She makes work on walls, vehicles, canvas, furniture & clothing.

She also  runs community projects and works for companies such as Eastpak and The Dogs Trust.

Her style is influenced primrily by NY, London and Dutch graffiti. In 2012 she won the Chrome and Black Battle of Waterloo and is the female graffiti champion.

Chock is inspired by nature, hand painted signs, science fiction, skateboard graphics and psychedlic poster art.

You can see more at



Lovely Loonie Liverpool Lady

















Originally from P'boRo Pixie is now London based. She is currently making her own work :


alongside community and commissioned projects:






The lady of many names

Syrup has been writing for about 12 years and has written various names. She loves bombing, big bouncy letters, script, wild style and painting characters. Syrup loves to travel.


Neo Nita

Neonita is currently in China, catch up with her here :-           



Prolific West London writer has a penchant for 3D and script caligraff style.











Bubs  based in Newcastle, has a love for vibrant colour, bouncy letters and jazzy patterns. Check out her website for more info














London writer whose pieces are characterised by bright vibrant colour schemes and bold characters.



Reznik loves exploring new places, walls and buildings whenever she can, experimenting with different styles in every piece.